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Security for the Marlins may come sooner.


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To the league it is about $$$. The DC area has two rival groups who will bid big $$$$ and get a ballpark. Portland won't be able to afford the buying price from that bidding. The owners want to sell the team and make sure it will have a secure situation. In order for any ownership to buy it they must have enough season ticket holders to make the owners happy like the Marlins had to get when they came to Miami.

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a team existed in washington before, they moved to minnesota because the owner like that area better. Same thing basically with the Senators/Rangers. These owners want the team here. Many people in DC boycott the O's and MLB because they took the team away


I can't imagine the Sens moving 30+ years ago still creates alot of animosity among the potential fan base.


Besides, it's alot like SoFLa. Alot of residents are transplants who came from other cities to work for the Fed. And they carry thier allegances with them.


It all comes down to Angelos breaking down the TV demographics and how they relate to revenue for the O's. The fact is, Angelos has fallen out of favor because he doesn't spend anymore, not because he blocks another MLB team in NVA/DC.

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