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A Game Of Chess


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*two old men are playing chess in the park*


Edgar : "god, it's a great life this isnt it, playing chess and takin it easy all day long..."


Reginald : "darn right it is, though i wonder..."


Edgar : "wonder what?"


Reginald : "i wonder if they play Chess in heaven, seeing as it's the only thing we're good at?"


Edgar : "you have a point there!!!"


*the following week Reginald pass's on after a severe stroke, he's granted a wish by god to talk to his friend once last time*


Reginald : "Ed!? Ed!!? are you there?"


Edgar : "Christ on a bike!!! Regg is that you???"


Reginald : "yes it's me, i've been granted a wish from god to speak with you and tell you to enjoy the rest of your life while you can and do not mourn for me"


Edgar : "very well then Regg, but before you go, did you find out what you were wondering?"


Reginald : "oh that!!!, yes dont worry they do play Chess here in heaven after all, but that should be the least of your worrys..."


Edgar : "What do you mean Regg?"


Reginald : "your due to play with me next week..."

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