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Question: How do the Giants win?


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Looking at their overall stats for batting and pitching, you have to wonder how this team has been winning. Something has got to give. Bonds, as great as he is, has scored 100 runs. That is with his .612 OBP. I saw that point brought up and that amazed me. So, walking Barry has essentially worked.


But there are no regulars other than him hitting around or over .300 (if I remember correctly).


Their starters are pretty average after Schmidt. And their bullpen isnt very consistent.


What gives? Pure blind luck? At least the Braves, who usually fit that category, have some guys producing. But the Giants whole team is overperforming and STILL looking fairly average. Yet, they win...



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yeaaaaaaaa they got this guy named bonds..maybe u have heard of him.yea hes only on base 60% of the time and has smacked like 35 HR and is hitting 370.oh and this guy named jason schmidt who has the best ERA in the majors and has 15 wins....




Yea umm jonnylons already mentioned schmidt and bonds. Taks more than 2 players to be a winner even if one of them is among the best of all time. Look how many good players the astros have and look at last years cardinals. The giants are winning b/c players are making clutch hits and the pitching staff has been overperforming, not just b/c of bonds and schmidt

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I don't know what stats you were looking at, but the Giants starters have very decent numbers:


C - A.J Pierzynski - .299/10/68

1b - J.T Snow - .321/9/39 (Been on a tear since the all-star break)

2b - Ray Durham - .257/13/47 (he's better than these numbers show)

3b- Edgardo Alfonzo - .278/8/64

SS - Deivi Cruz - .305/4/32 (major upgrade over Neifi Perez)

LF - Barry Bonds - .371/35/79 (best hitter of all time)

CF - Marquis Grissom - .275/17/67

RF - Michael Tucker - .275/12/52


Not to mention the guys coming off the bench and spot starters:


Pedro Feliz - .268/17/63 (more than a spot starter)

Dustan Mohr - .284/7/22 (one of my favorite Giants)


The starting pitching has done well lately... Schmidt, Rueter, Lowry, Tomko, and Franklin.... Rueter is actually under-performing this year.


The biggest concern for the Giants is their bullpen. Hermanson has solidified the closer role for right now and the rest of the bullpen has done well lately...


One thing they've shown this year is heart. And take that as you like. It meant a lot to the Marlins last year, but the Giants definitely have it. Dustan Mohr, Matt Herges, Kirk Rueter are the kind of guys that don't have the best numbers, but give it all they've got and know how to win.....Don't take this team for granted. They are a lot more than just Bonds and Schmidt.

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