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Did anyone see . . .


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I was at the game and saw it. The batboy walked up to Cabrera to take his bat back in the dugout but Cabs just waved him off and gave the bat to some grown man sitting in the first row. Then security guards came and made the guy come with them because he wasn't allowed to have a bat in the stands during a game.


Right place at the right time, I wish I was sitting there and got it.

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When I was in Milwaukee for the Marlins series they had a Bobble Head giveaway on Saturday and I guess amoung the bobble heads they were giving out there was a special edition bobble head with alternate color jersey. There were only a few of them, I of course was not aware of this until some collector came up to me and asked me if I wanted my Bobble Head. I asked him "whatcha gonna give me for it?" he said, well that depends, and proceeded to tell me about the "special" Bobble Head, so I checked mine and low and behold it was one of the special editions. I could tell right away he was VERY interested, from the way he reacted when he found out I had that bobble head. Personally I did not really care for a Milwaukee Brewer Bobble head (I don't even know who the player was, some old famous Brewer I guess). Anyhow he offered a bat for my bobble head, I did not really care so I made the trade. I was expecting some little souvenir bat but when I went to get my bat with this certificate he gave me they let me pick out a bat from a huge selection, I got an official size 34 bat and they even Engraved it with my Name, #, and Signature. Very nice bat, made of Maple wood.

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