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Marlins = Inconsistent...


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Last year, everyone was doing something for this team. Even if it was little things, everyone played a part in our run. Timely hits, great pitching, awesome D, someone did something.


This year we haven't been so lucky. I'm not trying to talk crap but the story of the year has been inconsistentcy.


Dontrelle Willis has 2 sides. "WOO! D-TRAIN!" and "Alright, WTF was that?" Now every pitcher will have their down games but with Dontrelle it's different. When he sucks, he sucks. When he's awesome, he's awesome! How many times has he had 2 outs in an inning just to completely breakdown?


Rudy Seanez has 2 sides. "RUDY FOR MUTHA ****IN' PREZ!" and "Rudy... What are you doing?" In his brief stay with the Fish, Rudy has looked like Gold and like dirt. In his first game, he gave up a big run. Then he was awesome until he gave up a couple runs in San Diego. Tonight, we saw his bad side again.


Damion Easley has 2 sides. "DAMION, YES!" and "Another K... Damn you Easley." Damion has hit some big Home Runs this season. Ones that made you feel good about this team. And then, multiple times, he's struck out to end the game. I know I'm not the only one who notices that. It seems like whenever he's up to bat with 2 outs he's gonna strike out. He has his great days and his WTF days.


Jeff Conine has 2 sides. "NINER! EAT CROW *****ES!!!" and "PLEASE PUT HIM ON THE DL ALREADY!" Jeff Conine, terrible in the first half, angered many Marlins fans due to his lack of clutchness. Until the last month, we all wanted him off the team and then outta nowhere... 3 Grand Slams in a month and a half? KEEP HIM! TRACK RECORD, *****!


Alex Gonzalez has 2 sides. "OH MY WHAT A PLAY! HOLY ****!" and "Lmao, he struck out again!" The definition of inconsistent. I don't think I even need to say anything about Alex. It's unbelieveable how great he can look one game and how blind he can look the next.


Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, Luis Castillo. While they aren't really inconsistent, why does it always seem like they're going through slumps? And if they aren't going through slumps, it's usually a very quiet 2-4 day or a very quiet 7 IP shut out.


Lo Duca = Consistent. Pavano = Consistent. Pierre = Consistent. Consistent = WINS. Let's stay consistent.

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Guest Juanky

Dontrelle wasn't bad today. He was shaky with his control, through alot of pitches, but that was the ump squeezing for the most part. He ignored the small zone, had hitters make contact. The homer happens. He got Barry to go 0-2, and the only reason he walked him was because the count was 2-0.


Now his bunting skills on the other hand.....

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That's a good point about Easley and it drives me absolutely insane. It seems like when we need him the most to NOT strike out, hey, what's up K. And MANY times looking too.


Nothing here ground breaking..but you've basically summed up everything and I find myself, with wide eyes, nodding emphatically.

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I disagree. This team has played consistently for the last 2 or 3 weeks. However, it may be too late now.



It's not too late.

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With the way the Cubs and Braves are palying now, catching up from 6 games down is likely not to happen. That doesn't mean it's impossible, just improbable. The Marlins would need a SWEEP of at least 1 of the series against the Cubs, Obviously we need to finish of SF tonght, we would need to take at least 2 of 3 from the Cubs in the following series, then we would still be down and we would still need help from other teams. THe other likely scanrio is that we sweep the Braves the rest of the way and take the division. Either way I am not getting my hopes up to high, if we had SWEPT SF then I might have more hope but at this point the teams ahead of us are not slowing down and we cannot even keep pace right now.


But with that said I hope we still finish the year strong and I will continue to watch my Marlins and, who knows, maybe they will shock the world again.

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Players are successful some times and awful other times.


Teams are successful some times and awful other times.


Watching this team night after night all season they've been consistent much of the season, just consistently bad with runners on base.


Dontrelle Willis, even in his best nights has pitching the same as his 4 1/3 inning nights. It's up to the team to settle him and his early inning command down so he can get on a roll.

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i belive tommy said it perfeclty tonight and i probally went for all of us who follow the team. you start to think the team has it all going when they have those amazin wins that seem to give teams emotional boost but we can get that.

consistenly inconsistent my words to some it up

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