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Put me in coach I'm ready to play


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So there I am, glove at the ready, Aaron Miles at bat and oh my God here comes another upperdeck foul ball. And unlike last nights' which was was a hard line drive shot off the bat of Todd Helton, this one is high, really high.


I stand, I pat the pocket of my glove, I feel the ball tugging at the webbing, I squeeze it closed and voila...my second foul ball catch (and a dandy if I do say so myself) in less than twenty-four hours.


My kid is stunned, my section is applauding and I am in seventh heaven. The baseball gods are smiling and I can't believe how my luck has changed. Needless to say I bought Lottery tickets on the way home.


Two foul balls, two Marlins wins. Two teams ahead of us in the wildcard lose.


Tune in tomorrow.



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Three months your elder.? You just had your birthday on here, I remember, and mine is in May, same year, so I got you by 3 months.




Well, you smell like fish :thumbdown


psh, uh huh, yeah sure, whatever.... check your pm box hee seop demands it!


:wacko :

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umm so yeah back to the topic...that's an amazing coincidence.




My sentiments exactly...you wait fifty years and the next thing you know it happens twice in two games...the odds are staggering.


And to Holly, if you were to draw a line from first base to homeplate and then continued it up into the upperdeck that's where I sit, 454, row 1.

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