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Sept. 10 - my day at Wrigley with the Fish


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Just letting you guys know, I bought tix for the Sept. 10th game a LONG time ago and was quite pleased to find out that a double-header had been given to us! Lucky me! Buy one ticket, get one free!


I got there late for the first game (I would explain it, but...that is another story for another time). Sat in sec 249, row 24 seats 101, 102 (my girlfriend came along who is a Cubs fans). That game was a laugher anyway. The Cubs fans were in typically doomed fashion for that game. But then, the second game happened.


Kensing is going to put it together some day, not just right now. I liked his presence on the mound. He has some gnasty stuff from what I could tell, but he doesnt have it all under control. I havent really heard much about him and was shocked when I found out he was starting - I think Jack made the wrong call on that one. He SHOULD have started him against the Mets because we are more likely to come back on the Mets than the Cubs who hit the longball very well at Wrigley.


Game notes:


Former Marlins Hollandsworth and Lee made impressions. Some of you D Lee haters will be happy to know that he choked when it did matter. Didnt see H-worth out there - so his impression was none at all. Cubs fans do like Lee though and he is putting up good numbers.


Pavano dominated. He was just unstoppable from what I saw. Cubs fans were so discouraged.


Prior showed up. He got some lucky outs but for the most part kept the Marlins off balance. I was wondering if Dusty was going to make him pitch the whole game because of their terrible bullpen. But when the Cubs started scoring runs in the 5th/6th, it didnt matter at that point.


The Marlins are a superior team to the Cubs. They got lucky that the Marlins HAD to serve up a A prospect yesterday. That second game was rough to watch, but the Marlins have a presence about them. They seem more ready to step up and meet the challenges ahead.


One thing that pissed me off was Dusty putting a sacrifice bunt on with Prior when they were up by 8 runs at one point. It was like they were desperately trying to beat the Marlins for some sort of psychological reason. The fans felt it too and the second game was much more to their liking. But a lot still feel, I believe, that they are a Bartman away from disaster. It is pretty funny being at the field where all that happened.


Overall, a good time and a great park - even better when the Marlins are in town. Now, lucky me gets to see them play Les Expos at US Cellular. Let me know if any of you (Magglio?) are going...

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Yeah, I would like to go back today and tomorrow, but I cant afford scalped tix! But I am going to buy tix for the Marlins/Expos at US Cellular.


I like Kensing, from what I saw, but he just isnt ready yet. I am surprised that he was slated to pitch from all the pitchers that we have. Then again, lately I havent been able to keep up on things as I havent been able to watch TV or check up on the internet. I was shocked that we got David Weathers - that is a great move!


And welcome back, Dave! (Sorry for this being a little late...)

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