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Other reasons why this loss hurt.

Guest Moneyball

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Guest Moneyball

-because the cubs franchise as a whole is full of lies and garbage.

-they call miami fan's idiots when half the time idiots are on the phone waving to the damn camera.

- they blamed their collapse last year on a innocent fan (betrayal)

-most cub "fans" are all bandwagoners, they just think they have a big following.

-those poor white sox fans have to suffer with these clowns across town.

-dusty baker, i have always hated him

-sammy sosa, he is a damn clown and tries to make a big show

-the tribune company

-they think they are god's gift to the world.

- the only guys on that team i like is latroy hawkins, dempster and d.lee


i guarantee this they WON'T win the WS this ear, never their fans are ignorant bastards who scream like jesus christ has come back on a hit.


i prefer having 35,000 marlins fan at a stadium, than having 100,000 cubs fans at least miami fans don't rub it in.


and by the way:










































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Guest marlins02

i used to watch a lot of cub games on tv in arizona when i was smaller and had nothing else to do during the summer. didnt really like them but never had a problem with them. i still dont. we couldve lost this game to a team we never play like the twins and id still be as depressed and pissed off as i am.

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