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Maracay Masher making fun of Alou?


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Yes, that really was Cabrera pantomiming Moises Alou's famous blowup at Steve Bartman in the second inning Sunday afternoon.


That really was the Marlins' left fielder performing a goofy half-leap into the first row of the seats along the line, then expressing mock frustration at an imaginary interference.


The fact Alou was the hitter only made the moment more amusing. That and the sight of the ball landing about 30 rows foul at sold-out Wrigley Field.


"Sometimes," a sheepish Cabrera said after an 11-1 Marlins win, "you need to have fun."


Cubs starter Glendon Rusch plunked Cabrera with a first-pitch fastball on the left shoulder two innings later, but everyone involved denied it was intentional. Maybe not, but it sure was suspicious.


Home-plate umpire Bill Hohn was concerned enough to move toward Cabrera in an apparent effort to head off trouble. Cabrera, still in a playful mood despite the new bruise, made a quick feint toward Hohn and laughed all the way to first base.



HAHA! I love this guy!

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Guest marlins02

thats crazy.


in addition to cabs, im not sure if this is true but i read in another message board that pavano left 4 tickets under the name steve bartman for one of this weekends games.

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Cabrera was shirtless as he spoke, revealing a few tufts of hair in the center of his otherwise smooth chest. The locks on his head get more unruly by the day as he seemingly morphs -- in appearance and productivity and carefree attitude -- into the Marlins' version of Manny Ramirez.



:captain :happydance :jester :keyboard :napoleon :pirate :pope :borland


:unsure :

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Guest Moneyball

guys this i what we need on a team. looseness and comedians, look at chicago they are all pricks that want to fight everyone. the marlins are loose let them have fun.

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cabrera says the hair brings him good luck. good enuff for him, it should b good enuff for everyone. if he believes thats his charm, let him keep it. go miggy!



He made a promise not to cut his hair until he hit 30 HR this season. He also stated that he is not too happy with that decision, but will stick to it. He also said tghat sometimes he thinked about cutting his hair, and forgeting about the whole thing.

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