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White Sox Fans


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The Sox fans weren't the ones rooting for the expos.


5000 is a lot of people considering.


Exactly, so that means there were probably only 3,500. Not great.


They were Sox fans what did you expect 12,000?


No I expected this. But I didn't expect anyone to say "Gee thanks guys".

The people that showed up were awesome, but a Defending World Champs team using your ballpark in a nuetral site, is reason to show up.

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You can't blame them for not showing up to the game andI agree that you shouldn't be saying thank you because not a lot of people showed up. But yourself in the White Sox fans shoes...if two teams came and played at PPS and they were from the other leauge than there wouldn't be that many people at all. If the Marlins don't get a lot of fans as it is right now than how would they get more fans when two teams from the A.L. are playing? So more White Sox fans went to the game than Marlin fans that would go to the game at PPS if two teams from the A.L. came to play. So don't say thank-you but don't hate them either.

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If my team sucked, and a cool enegetic team from the other league (s*** a World Champ; a rarity in Chicago) came and made baseball history.


I don't blame Chicagoans (my uncle wanted to go, but had meetings instead of his usual Downtown work days), but I'm not exactly gonna say "OMG they rocked my socks". Yeah, they were allright, but nothing to write home about.

At least they didn't go Ligue and Son on anybody :confused

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I bought the visor before the decision was made to play at US Cellular, so I did not buy it because of that. I always wanted a White Sox visor for two reasons...


1. The amount of support showed by the fans for the Fish on the boards


2. The White Sox are my nephew's little league team.

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Thanks for all the love from most of you folks around here, it's great to see somebody thinks us White Sox fans are cool.


As for the haters, all I can say is, unlike Cubs fans, Sox fans have work and school, so we can't just blow that off to go to 2 day games between a couple of teams from another league.


If MLB was smart, these had been night games, as i'd guess at least 15 thousand people would have shown up for those, if not more......


But anyways, thanks for the love Fish fans, feel free to use the yard again if you need to.

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