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who would you rather have in the 7th inning role?


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I wouldn't mind seeing Mota pitch 2 innings, but in this case the best of these bad pitchers is Seanez.


Mota has not done good pitching 2 innings this year for the Marlins at all, he always seems to get in a jam when he pitches his second inning...I want my starter pitching the 7th :whistle but I agree Seanez is probably our best option even though he has given up a few homers

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If it's 1-run game and the runner is in RISP I trust only Benitez, maybe Mota.


If it's close, Bump, Perisho, Seanez, Manzy are all capable.


Koch and Howard deserve second chances. With the large bullpen, there will be an arm available if Billy and Ben can't throw strikes.

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