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NCAA Football 2005


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Guest marlins02

the game is great.


i took kentucky to a peach bowl victory last time i rented it. i cant wait to get it again to continue building UK up.


im more comfortable running than passing as well.

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I found the trick to passing is have your QB step up in the pocket. The throws are much crisper, but there seem to be a lot of dropped passes in the game. Anyway, I'm bringing Army up to football factory status. I had a 10-3 year in my first season (losing to Houston, Louisville, and Cincinnati) and won the Hawaii Bowl over Tulsa. Also, got the #27 ranked recruiting class and have a sick defense.

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Woah.. 2005 has conference invites? I'm up to 2013, won national titles with Rice and Maryland Tech (replaced FAU) and neither had been invited into the Sun Belt or Big East.


Yeah, i've heard the invites are done pretty randomly, you just have to do well and eventually someone will give you an invite. When I was invited they replaced Clemson in the ACC.


Do you guys play on Heisman level?


It'd be hard to win NC's with those small teams on that level. Big Challenge.


I play on All American with some sliders moved up to help the computers offense and they give me a challenge. I might eventually move up to Heisman if this gets too easy.

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Its not different enough from last year.


the playbooks are a lot different....the run plays are better (you can actually run weak side in an I formation)...but the short passes are not there anymore...im not a fan of throwing over the middle on video games because it gives the computer a greater chance of d!cking me over....not as many out patterns, drags, etc.

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