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Soldiers charged with murder


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Court Marshall them!


I think that's what they are doing.


Wondering what they did. I mean, it's pretty hard to get charged with premed murder in a combat zone. I smell a really bad black eye coming on this one, a'la rape/murder or something like that.


General Prosecutor likely wants to get them good for the crime (as all military prosecutors do) and over charges them hoping the Court Marshall may find them guilty of the crime they would like. This is likely a manslaughter or 2nd degree murder.

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Is this any different from the murdered American hostages?



Not enough info in the article to tell anything really.


I might be some very ordinary crime for profit that "went bad" where witnesses were eliminated, or it could be something war related.


As much as we'd all like soldiers to be shining knights on white stallions, when you get enough of a sample, they turn out to have a proportion of rogues and scoundrels not unlike the US population in general.



THe proportion of rogues and scoundrels is probably disproportionately high in the military as opposed to the rest of the US.


Remember, the vast majority of the military is made up of enlisted who come from poor, uneducated backgrounds.


The military is very much part vocational school and part sponge to mop up the dregs of society.

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I wonder how much governement cheese your man Willie has collected from the government as a result of his selfless participation in our nations' esteemed military?


Seriously, I think the military exists in large part only because there is just no other way to get rid of those citizens whose mental capacity is marginal, at best.


The military is really a great place for those "tweeners" who aren't smart enough to pilot the deep fryer at McDonald's, but who also aren't so far gone as to warrant institutionalization.

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