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You children are lucky I didnt see that masturbation thread or I would of banned everyone in it..



I heard what was going on.



Grow up.


Das = No masterbating :plain Whats so bad about it, it wasnt affending anyone, Isnt the point of this board to entertain people, masterbation is in no way adult material. Hey most of the kids in there were probably, just wondering if there masterbation habets were normal, not just to have a lough, banning everyone that was a on a thread is just wrong. The only thing in there closely related to something against the Forum guidelines is


5)Pornography, warez, or any other illegal transactions may NOT be linked in any shape or form.


And no Porn was posted, no bad language, everything was cept pretty much pg-13, likle advised in the beginning of the thread, hey alot of people liked the thread for whatever reason. Thres no real reason to lock it up.

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