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Kerry campaign is getting desperate


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WASHINGTON - Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson joined the campaign of Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites) on Wednesday as a poll showed support for the presidential candidate slipping among black Americans, a critical Democratic constituency.




Ridiculous. Clinton learned from Dukasis' mistake by distancing himself from Jesse Jackson (remember Sister Souljah?). When the Dems have to bring in Jesse to shore up the black vote with under 30 days left, you know they're in trouble. This would be like Bush adding Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwall as his chief advisors at this stage. I guess Farrakhan wasn't available, maybe this is proof that Kerry is throwing the election :lol .

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As a black person, I won't vote for Kerry if I see Kerry and Jackson getting all kissy. I hate that mook.



Jesse is a fine upstanding role model for...I dunno budding con men and extortionists maybe :lol


IMO, its really too damn bad Malcolm X got whacked - he was a changed man after the Mecca trip and had developed a rather good perspective. Had Malcolm lived, the likes of JJ would probably be working a squeege at an intersection or gas pump somewhere today.


Malcolm X was the s***. Read his book.

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