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Favorite Beer*


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Smirnoff is Vodka, isn't it? I know they make Vodka...


My dad found an Amstel Light at the Pro Player parking lot after one of the football games...he drives around and says they leave a kinds of sh*t laying around.

So we split it, and it wasn't bad...

I don't think beer tastes that good, I prefer wine or a cranberry/vodka...etc.

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Drinks like Smirnoff Ice, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Skyy Blue, and Zima are flavored Malt beverages. They are actually a new type of alcoholic beverage called an "alcopop." They are classified as beer b/c they follow a similar process to obtain the alcohol that is later infused into the flavored syrup as opposed to distilled alocohol - like most liquors.


As you know, the broadcast industry has banned liquor advertisements. Sp, to be honest, the only reason these alcopops are classified as a beer is so that the alcohol industry can get around the ad and sales limitations of liquors.


Are these things beer? This is an argument without answer - like asking if Golf is a sport. ;)

I personally don't consider these to be beers. I also don't consider Saki to be beer [saki is REALLY a rice wine]. But, to each their own.




I like UFO Hefeweizen from Harpoon. I'm also a fan of a couple of beers from local brew pubs

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who voted for corona????




Which is the better Mexican beer? Tecate or Corona?




Yankeefan, is UFO Hefeweizen one of those local brews also you mentioned way back when on the stands????



I still say....best beer....Shiner Bock. Try one and you will understand.



Damn there I go stealing their slogan.

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UFO is fairly popular in New England... I haven't seen it in Albany, though, which is only a 3 hour drive away.


I also like Dos Equis *IF* I have to drink Mexican beer. Negra Modelo isn't too bad either. Not that I think about it, I think I'd rather have Carta Blanca than Tecate as well.


In the same category as Corona? I'd rather have Pacifico or Sol.


But that's just me.

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I voted for the Corona out of that list. but yes, I like Dos XX Green or Amber. I also like Bohemian, Tecate and other Mexican style beers. With a Gatto Glass (ice w/salt on rim) it is my cheap mexican margarita. LOL


When I was in High school, the choice was coors light or michelob light. I like the new Michelob Ultra Light as well as Miller Lite. I do not care for Bud or Bud Light but will drink if it's all that's available. Coors light gives me massive headaches.


I can do all the other drinks too like zima, smirnoff ice, lemonades, etc. But sometimes nothing like a good beer will do.


Oh, a few honey beers are cool and yes, going to a brewery/pub and getting some specialty beers they make is fun.


We have quite a few brewerys here in the Big D.

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I guess if I were on one of those low carb or Atkins Diets and I NEEDED a beer... MAYBE...


I think I'm a bit of a beer snot these days. Being that I drink so seldom anymore, I feel the same way about beer as I do about a good meal or a fine wine; I want it to be an "experience." See, when I brought wines back from my trips to Europe, each bottle had a story that allowed me to appreciate it more. When I take the time to make a truly good meal, presentation becomes just as important as the way the meal is prepared.


Likewise, if I'm going to sit down to a GOOD beer? I want this beer to have a story. I want to know about the Belgian Monk, Father Hennepin, who discovered Niagra Falls, fell in love with western New York's beauty, and set up his brewery outside of an obscure town called Cooperstown. He passed down his brewing legacy from generation to generation until it reimerged in the mid 1990's. Now, Ommegang's Hennepin Ale is reknowned as one of the best [if not THE best] Belgian-Style Ales this side of the Atlantic.


Now I'm thirsty! Cheers!


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