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CRTC To Jam All US Radio Station Signals


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CRTC To Jam All US Radio Station Signals

July 19, 2004


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), announced today that it will move forward with a plan to jam radio signals entering Canada from commercial radio stations originating inside the United States.


The $125 million project is expected to take 3 years to complete.


The Commission has contracted a Cuban technology company to provide and install 38 radio frequency jamming stations in every province.


At this time, the CRTC is focused on blocking signals from American AM broadcasters, due to the long range transmission ability of stations utilizing the AM band.



"Listening to US broadcasters will be illegal, subject to penalties outlined in the criminal code of Canada," said commission chair Charles Dalfen.


The CRTC came under heavy criticism for a recent decision that made receiving satellite signals from US providers illegal. The CRTC says it has no plans to jam satellite signals from US providers, at this time, due to the high cost involved, however, Mr. Dalfen indicated the relatively low cost of protecting Canadians from 'propaganda' originating from the US on the AM band is "feasible and needed".


Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one official from the CRTC told the Globe and Mail that blocking satellite signals from US providers may become a reality in the future.


The Globe and Mail quoted their source as saying, "If the federal government of Canada enters into an agreement with the US on the North American Missile Defense System, (commonly referred to as star wars), the CRTC will push to have these defense satellites piggy-back a device that can block commercial US TV satellite signals from entering Canada."


In related news, the CRTC refused to renew the broadcasting licence of CHOI-FM, a French-language commercial radio station in Quebec. The commission based their decision on offensive comments made by the hosts over the station?s airwaves.


The CRTC also granted permission for Canadian cable and satellite TV providers to broadcast Al Jazeera, an Arabic-language news and public affairs service.


"We have a duty to protect Canadians from broadcasters who promote hate, and provide offensive content. Our recent decision to deny a licence to a Quebec radio station, to block US AM radio broadcasters, and to allow the broadcast of the Arabic-language news service Al Jazeera, demonstrates our commitment to properly regulate the information Canadians are exposed to, said Charles Dalfen in a statement.

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