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Steve Stone finished with Cubs..

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These probably aren't views that are shared by many on this board but the Cubs are my second favorite team. It's a damn shame that the Cubs let Steve Stone go because he knew a s*** ton about baseball.. Probably the best anaylist in baseball. There were some Cub fans who wanted him as manager! He knew every game situation and would call every pitch that would strike batters out.. I grew up watching him with Harry.. It's too bad.


Here is his resignation letter:


Dear Cubs fans:


Since I put on a Cubs uniform in 1974, I've seen lots of Cubs history. There has been heartache and joy, agony and ecstasy, not to mention 21 managers and 10 general managers.


Through all of these years and more than a few broadcast partners, I have always felt a strong connection to the greatest, most loyal fans in baseball, Cubs fans.


My love for the city of Chicago and the people who came to beautiful Wrigley Field has been a constant. Over three million of you Cubs fans came to the ball park in 2004 and the TV ratings showed you watched the Cubs broadcasts in staggering numbers.


Unfortunately, the 2004 season did not end as we had hoped. It was devastating for all of us who invested our hearts, our time and in many cases our lives, in the hopes and dreams of the Cubs winning a world championship.


I am sure you have read many things about this past season and my involvement in one or two controversies. However, you have never heard my story or my perspective of the events that have brought us to this point in time.


As has always been my personal policy, it is not my intention to divulge the content of private conversations I've had with others. Likewise, I do not want to be forced into sharing my side of the story.


I came to Chicago on the high road with my credibility and integrity. Thirty years later, I choose to leave the same way.


The phrase I used that angered certain people was "I regret nothing." Well folks, I was wrong about that and want to set the record straight. I regret I won't be calling another Cubs game on WGN-TV for the greatest fans in baseball?the fans of the Chicago Cubs.


It's been a great ride. I will never forget you. Most importantly, I thank you all for every minute of happiness, you, the fans have given me.


Best regards,


Steve Stone




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This may have just cost the Cubs any MLB announcer...look for WGN Radio to be simulcast or WGN TV to provide their sports anchor for play-by-play and they get someone to do color....Len looks like a safe bet to stay with the Marlins.

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That sucks, although I don't like the Cubs, I really enjoy Steve Stone's work and it's a bunch of crap the Cubs ran him outta the booth.


he will land back on his feet though, I wish Fox National would consider lauching McCarver and putting Stone with Buck in the booth, that'd be awesome.

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Lemme tell you a few things about what's happening in Chicago in regards to "Stoney"...


First, I'm NOT a Cubs fan...I'm a White Sox fan. Second...there are TONS of PO'd Cub fans here in Chicago who are basically learning for the first time what folks like you and me have known for quite some time about the Cubs...you can't be in an official capacity with the team and say anything bad about them. Heck, with this past season when the Cubs were "supposed to go all the way", anyone either in or out of the media was pretty much ostracised if they weren't going with the "Cubbie-blue" hype of an inevitible WS berth. After all, it wasn't the Cubs' fault they didn't go to the World Series in 2003. It was the curse of the Billy Goat rearing its ugly head in the form of Steve Bartman, wasn't it? The italics are there to express sarcasm.


Stoney's a class act, and the Cubs basically ran him out because he had the guts to go against the flow and tell it like it is. I've been in the Wrigley Field press box a few times, and they run a tight ship. Talk about spin control...the public/media relations people over there really make sure the good, Cubbie-blue story gets out so no one will be afraid or unwilling to spend their money at "beautiful Wrigley Field." However, when management won't intervene in a situation when players are worrying more about what an announcer says about them instead of what's going on on the field, they don't deserve to win. It's that simple.


The truth is slowly, but surely coming out about the Cubs...they're a greedy organization that cares more about making money than producing a winner. The organization will do everything from scalp their own tickets through a ticket brokerage a few blocks away from Wrigley to charging nearby rooftop owners 19% of their revenue to get those views of game from across the street. And with all the money they raked in hand-over-fist...what did it bring them...NOTHING!!!!!


Many Cubs fans arrogantly look at teams like yours and wonder how the Marlins could win twice in 11 years while their team takes 30 years to have back-to-back winning seasons. You remember all the grief you took after the Fish beat the Yanks in '03 from Cubs fans? They said it "wasn't fair", "Cubs fans deserved a winner", "the Marlins' didn't deserve to win because more people go to Wrigley than Pro Player Stadium", etc., etc., etc. Well, many of them are either madder than hell about Steve Stone leaving, or are just too blindly following their team to what will be another great season of "wait 'til next year."


A local columnist here said both Chip Caray and Steve Stone's departures from the CUbs were the best things that could even happen in their professional careers. There's TONS of mistrust between the SMART, KNOWLEDGEABLE Cub fans and the team. The bandwagoners and knuckleheaded-types who'll flock to Wrigley Field won't know what hit 'em even if a brick from the stadium's upper deck landed straight on the head. Be grateful you Marlins' fans don't have to deal with the team politics people are learning about up here. Sure, it's not utopia in South Florida, but troubles are a LOT easier to deal with when your team wins a World Series...something you've done twice, and I'm hoping my team, the Chicago White Sox, will do very soon. We're not cursed unlike the hype you're hearing about the Cubs...we're just sick and tired of management and leadership going as badly as it has been lately. Believe me...Jerry Reisndorf isn't "Mr. Popular" among White Sox fans here in Chicago and around the country.

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