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Beltran to meet with Mets


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Beltran plans to meet with the Mets shortly, he told a newspaper in Puerto Rico. He came away impressed from Tuesday's meeting with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.


"The meeting with Steinbrenner was very good," Beltran told Primera Hora. "He is a professional person, super-educated. ... The Yankees have shown that they are champions and the owner is going to do everything possible to win," Beltran said through a translation.


Willing to do everything possible to win? True. Are they champions?


Not this year. :D


"The Yankees lose so seldom, you have to celebrate every single time."


- W. P. Kinsella

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Just think its better to condesne things and use it for what it is worth rather then creating new threads for updates such as...."Scott Boras likes money", "Calros Beltran will get alot of money", and "George Steinbrenner has alot of money", etc.


Imteresting how the guy with 20 posts is already talking smack as well.

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