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2006 hall of fame ballot


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Bert Blyleven

Dave Concepcion

Andre Dawson

Steve Garvey

Rich Gossage

Tommy John

Don Mattingly

Willie McGee

Jack Morris

Dale Murphy

Dave Parker

Jim Rice

Lee Smith

Bruce Sutter

Alan Trammell

First years

Rick Aguilera

Tim Belcher

Ken Caminiti

Will Clark

Alex Fernandez

Gary Gaetti

Dwight Gooden

Ozzie Guillen

Juan Guzman

Orel Hershiser

Gregg Jefferies

Lance Johnson

Doug Jones

Roberto Kelly

Mickey Morandini

Hal Morris

Jaime Navarro

Luis Polonia

Mike Stanley

Walt Weiss

John Wetteland

Mark Whiten

vote for up to 5

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Blyleven 5th all-time in K's with more shut-outs than either Sutton or Carlton

Dawson 300+ HR, 300+ SB on some of the worst knees in the game

Rice had some monster seasons when 30 HR's were a lot for a year

Dale Murphy definetly fits the honorable character part of requirement, plus 398 HR's

Concepcion 8 time all-star, 5 gold gloves

NO ONE from 2006 list

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I don't think Will Clark has a chance. In the 15 years he played, he probably wasn't in the Top 5 First Basemen, and he might not have been Top 10. Just saying...


No on Hershiser too. 2 amazing seasons, 3 good ones. You take out those 5 seasons, and he's a game below .500, actually. I doubt there's any other starter in the HOF you could say that about.

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Caminiti wont be eligible until 2007 - along with Big Mac and Jose. That will be the ultimate test of roids versus numbers.


Of course, 2007 will also feature guys like Gwynn and Ripken who will overshadow everybody.


I can't believe how little respect Donnie Baseball gets from the voters. He put up crazy good numbers on really bad teams. That's 1/2 the reason Ryno got in!


Rice, Parker, Murphy, Mattingly, Dawson - in that order.


Hersheiser, Gooden, and Clark should count their blessings if they even get 5%.

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By the way, can I remind everyone of Dave Parker's accomplishments?


The guy is a 7 time all star and a 2 time batting champ [77 and 78] with an MVP [78] and 5 other appearances on the top 10 in MVP voting. That means that for 1/3 of his career, he was considered one of the top 10 players in his league. He also led the league in slugging twice, hits, rbi, doubles, and ops, AND won 2 gg's and an All-Star MVP award.


When he left, he was top 50 all time in 6 categories: hits, sac flies, ibbs, xbh's, doubles, and total bases.


He should get in.

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While I'm campaigning, I may as well make an argument for one of my favorite baseball players of all time, Donnie Baseball.


The bottom line is that Don Mattingly has better numbers than Dale Murphy, Andre Dawson, and a host of HOFers including Jackie Robinson, Brooks Robinson, and Robin Yount!


He went to 6 consecutive All Star games despite playing for a team that posted a .538 win percentage during that time period. The only thing that stopped him was a back injury at the beginning of the 1990 season. I can't even imagine what he would have done. Despite this, he won 9 gold gloves in 10 years - and it wasn't even close and a batting title. He finished top 10 in mvp voting 4 years in a row and won an MVP in 85. He led the league in doubles THREE times, hits twice, xbh's twice, total bases twice, slugging, batting, rbi, ops, and sac flies.


More importantly, he was a gamer, an ambassador of the sport, and a humble hero at a time when you had guys like Ricky Henderson flapping their gums.


I know he'll never make the cut-off, but I wanted to make sure his achievements were known.



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from the returnees:







Will Clark will always be my favorite player. Does he belong in the Hall? I wish. Injuries have helped to give his arch-nemesis, Rafael "Limp Noodle" Palmiero (a defenseless fence-swinging hack on perennially losing teams), a better chance.


Not one of these new guys looks like he'll cut it, which is good because it will force some guilty minded voters to reasess their stinginess this time 'round.

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