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Should Randy Moss be fined more than Jake Plummer?

Guest Fritz

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Yeah, we know that Randy is up there with Osama Bin Laden, Janet Jackson's nipple, and Satan for showing...nay...pretending to show his butt on TV, so what do you think his penalty should be?

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chris man, let it go. you're gonna get an ulcer.



I'm not gonna get an ulcer. I'm entertained by the charade of self-righteousness the NFL likes to show.

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Randy Moss should get a larger fine because of his history. He's a degenerate and is the prototype of what's wrong with pro sports.



Says the Barry Bonds fan.



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No he shouldn't.


Our great Packers fans have a tradition I just learned of a few days before the Vikings game...


And that is that whenever the Packers win a home game, our fans stagger out to the parking lot from the Bars in the Lambeau Field Atrium and mooning the opposing teams bus as they leave.


So Moss, being a Viking, has of course been mooned plenty of times leaving Lambeau. So he was just returning the sentiment that Packers fans have so generously extended to him.


I thought it was kind of funny when I saw it. And I normally don't think celebrations are funny. But since he was picking on the drunks I didn't think it was that bad at all.

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