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Possibile 3 way deal with Heat, Lakers, Jazz


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We have been talking about this and have been waiting to get some feedback on this rumor. Basically, Arroyo goes to LA, Damon Jones to Utah, and Caron Butler back to Miami.


Still havent heard back on this yet...no verification. The deal outlined heavily favors the Heat - but to be reported on LA radio is weird. We'll see...

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i think LA and Miami would both benefit from the trade.. i would guess Utah is in need of a 3PT shooter and has a log jam at PG.. so it might work out for all teams. (if true)



I think LA would get a good deal too. Arroyo is a star just waiting for the right place - we talked about (at MiamiHeatZone.com) the Heat trying to trade for Arroyo. Former FIU guy...Puerto Rican...and we could use a PG that can penetrate better. I love DJ, but to get Caron back? Where do I sign?!

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I got this off another board, and supposably the radio stations in LA have been talking about it.


Utah trades:

Carlos Arroyo to Lakers

Jarron Collins to Heat

1st round pick to Lakers


Lakers trade:

Caron Butler to Heat

Brian Cook to Jazz

Chucky Atkins to Heat


Heat trade

Damon Jones to Jazz

Wang Zhi-Zhi to Jazz



no way this trade happens. the Jazz would not trade their best PG, and a first round pick for a PF(which they have 3 of), and Center(which they have 2 of), and another PG(3 of).



DJ (an okay PG) + zhi-zhi (spare change)


caron + atkins (an okay PG) + collins (spare change)


can't be legit.


Of course every heat fan on the planet would do it in a heartbeat, but I'm sure the source is whack.

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Yeah, Arroyo traded to Pistons and I never could substantiate anything on those rumors.


The thing is, with rumors, it isnt always about what is stated in the rumor itself but more about what is going on around the rumor. For instance, was Caron really on the trading block? Where the Heat in discussions involving Arroyo? Because we talked about dealing for Arroyo and bringin him back to the Heat - the guy is an FIU guy and would fit in nicely into the Heat system. Noone really thought that rumor was true as is...

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I'm kinda surprised they traded Arroyo.. the guy is going to be a good ballplayer.. I know they have a future stud in Lopez, but still.



I know - they could have gotten a whole lot more for him. They have a lot of solid guards though - Raja Bell could even run a little point if they wanted. Elden Campbell is solid, but not going to help. There must be more to this than we know...

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