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Delgado or Thome


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Thome has been a monster the past couple of years, so without a doubt it has gotta be Thome.? That said, Delgado has had some monster years in the past and definitely is still capable of them.? Thome has the preseason edge.


Last COUPLE of year


Delgado 74/244/.287

Thome 89/236/.269


Plus Delgados missed some time...

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I think they are pretty much even. They are both going to get you 35/100. Thome might play better D, but he strikes out to much, where as Delgado's D is average, yet he averaged over 100 walks four out of the last five years I believe. They are both equal IMO, and they equal each other out.

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With Pierre, Castillo, and Cabs always getting on base....it wouldn't shock me to see Delgado have 130-140 ribbies. As long as he hits over 30 jacks, Im happy!


I feel the same way, but take a look at the ESPN article. On the side there is a fantasy take on the deal, and they basically say this is the worst place he could have ended up. I agree with the ballpark dimension arguments, but they also say something to the effect of, "In that lineup there's no way he's getting 130 RBI." That's a totally ridiculous statement and shows how little sportswriters know about sports outside of NY, Boston, and LA.

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