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Guest Moneyball

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Never heard of it

I prefer Cheerwine



Are you sure you don't mean Queerwine?










You've got a talent :thumbup



You're the coolest bisexual dude I know.

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Guest Moneyball

spoken like someone who has never had to drink moxie


do they even distribute down in FL?!


my college roomate would always drink the stuff ... blech ... if i had to drink robitussin, at least I want the nice medicinal buzz




Hey if Ted Williams drank it, it must be damn good. :plain



Ted Williams first encounter with Moxie:


Williams: *spits it out cartoon style.* Who's the syphillitic cocksucker who f***en drinks this s***?


I'm sure it went like that.

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Guest Moneyball

Notice they are drawings..not actuall pictures. Can you imagine a Ted Williams photo shoot?


Hell. On. Earth.




Not to mention all private life with him unless you had thick skin.

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