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Useless Roger Clemens Information


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Useless Roger Clemens Information

# Had Roger Clemens not returned to pitch again this year, he would have been in the running for the honor of Greatest Final Season Ever. He went 18-4, you'll remember -- for a picturesque little .819 winning percentage.


Among pitchers who won 150 games in their careers, just two won more games than that in their final season. But both then quit only because they had to -- Sandy Koufax (27-9 in 1966) because his elbow needed to retire, and Eddie Cicotte (21-10 in 1920) because he got banned from baseball in the Black Sox fiasco.


No 300-game winner has ever won more than 11 games in his final season. (Current record-holder: Old Hoss Radbourn (11-13 in 1897).




# But if we do this just by winning percentage, Roger would have moved up to No. 1 on the Greatest Final Season ever charts, even if we lower the career-win bar to include pitchers who merely got halfway up Mount 300.


Best winning percentage in their farewell season among pitchers with at least 150 wins (minimum: 15 decisions), according to the Elias Sports Bureau:


15-4, .789: Admin French, 1942

13-4, .765: Allie Reynolds, 1954

27-9, .759: Koufax, 1966

21-10, .677: Cicotte, 1920

12-6, .667: Hooks Dauss, 1926


That 18-4, .819 by Clemens would have blown them all away. But now he'll just have to do it again. And actually retire for good this time.



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