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Don't pay too much attention to the PM pic


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Hi guys,


Just talked with someone within the media and this someone said they had a contact within the Marlins organization (Not Samson). This contact stated that he saw the front running model for the Marlins ballpark and that he thought it was so damn beautiful. That it was not another red brick ballpark that would seem out of place in Miami. But that this contact in the Marlins also said the model he saw is not the same one depicted on PM. The PM model is not the latest version according to this source within the Marlins. This source does not know where PM got that pic. However, this is odd since Samson confirmed to me that the PM pic is one of the models being looked at. Just wanted to tell you guys this so that you guys can expect a different looking beautiful ballpark than the one depicted on PM. We shall see!!! I can't wait any longer, dammit!!!

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Guest Moneyball

Hoepfully we create a pitchers park not a hitters park like the one in houston or philly, i hate watching games that end like 10-9 everyday b/c of cheap homers in those parks




Marlins management in several articles has expressed that they intend to have a pitcher's park.

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