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ranking of the offenses


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I added up the OPS of the 8 players in every team's lineup

I left out Colorado, because their numbers are skewed because of the ballpark (plus I couldn't figure out what the hell their lineup is going to be)

1. Cardinals 7.084 (average OPS .886)

2. Giants 7.058 (average OPS .882)

3. Cubs 6.629 (average OPS .829)

4. Reds 6.571 (average OPS .821)

5. Phillies 6.570 (average OPS .821)

6. Astros 6.484 (average OPS .811)

7. Padres 6.483 (average OPS .810)

8. Nationals: 6.383 (average OPS .798)

9. Marlins: 6.376 (average OPS .797)

10. Pirates: 6.363 (average OPS .795)

11. Dodgers: 6.357 (average OPS .795)

12. Brewers 6.265 (average OPS .783)

13. Mets 6.237 (average OPS .780)

14. Braves: 6.235 (average OPS .779)

15. D-backs: 6.106 (average OPS .763)

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What your analysis tells us is the ranking of last year's teams using the stats of the players for last year. You can't predict how those players will do this coming year... Miguel Cabrera, for example, could have a monster season and have an OPS of 1.100. Or Bonds' OPS could dip down to .750 after his body breaks down from years of steroids use. You can just never tell. How about we rank the offenses next year when they're playing on the field?

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