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What Is Your Favorite All-Star game?


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I love the NFL more than any sport, but the Pro Bowl is terrible.


I'll take the MLB all star game.



Same here.


I'd rather watch infomercials than the Pro Bowl.

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I'd say baseball, and I'll tell you why:


It's the only game in which the results might actually reflect the talent on the teams.


In the NBA, there is no way to have a 'serious' or 'real' game, because each player comes from a different team, with different plays and game styles. It's impossible for the all-star teams to play a true basketball game (by definition of the NBA), because they never play with these players, and most of the time--they are just trying to show off.


In the NFL, basically the same concept as the NBA. The play-calls are non-existent. Each player plays his own game, and they have like one week to learn how to play together. Some teams don't even play well together after 17 weeks of non-stop action.


A baseball game doesn't rely on a specific game plan, or play selection. It's all about doing your best individual performance. And that makes the all-star game pretty much the same as any regular MLB game (except for the fact that they're all studs)

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MLB for sure. Everything about it is exciting, from the Home Run Derby all the way to game time. Plus, every team gets a rep, so everyone has a reason to watch.


NBA is solid also, though not as good. The Slam Dunk and Three Point contests are all exciting, but often times the contests are alot funner than the game itself.


The NHL also has some fun skills competitions and the game is also solid. But not on the level of baseball.


The Pro Bowl is a waste of time, and isn't even played in season like all star games should be.

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The MLB All-Star Game would have to be my favorite, mostly because the good players rarely ever back out of playing in it. I find the Home Run Derby also fun to watch, and I have gained more interest in watching the MLB Futures Game, since it has all of the best prospects in the game playing on the same field against each other.


I've never watched an NHL All-Star Game, and we may never get another chance to.


All of the superstar players always back out of playing in the Pro Bowl, even when they are selected, so that they can rest after a long and tiring season, and most importantly avoid further injury. I'm sure many people remember how Robert Edwards' injury during the Pro Bowl festivities several years ago basically ruined his promising career.


The only thing I find interesting about the NBA All-Star Game would be the Slam Dunk Contest, although that has gone downhill over the years.

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