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I just rented...


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I just rented saw but I'm here alone and I don't wanna watch it all by myself cuz I'ma get scared....... should I watch it or not?? :confused



Invite me over I will watch it with you.


Ah, yes. The sinister room comes into play once again.

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i watched this movie last night. i can't believe how fugz cary elwes has gotten, he was teh hottnezz. it was so not scary and i was rolling my eyes, though i admit the end was a bit redeeming.


i read a lot of true crime and stuff about REAL serial killers. once you know how s*** really goes down, movies just seem overly styled and retarded. the truth is MUCH scarier than fiction.


just watch silence of the lambs. best movie.

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Ya I finally worked up some courage and called up my boyfriend and we saw it the other night. He liked it but didn't think it was scary, but I on the other hand get scared really really really easy and thought it was very scary and really good. The ending is so twisted and reminded me alot of se7en. :blink:

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a little off subject, but BOOGYMAN sucks...a waste of money. it made no sense. the whole movie was sound effects and 10 percent was special efects. i want my money back!!



but GAWD the star in it is HOT.


whos that?


the guy from 7th heaven, matt. he is hawt though. his fine self.

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