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30 Team Trade?


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Joel Sherman of the NY Post had nothing better to do, so he looked at each of the 30 major league baseball teams, their needs and their surplus, and came up with this 30 team trade, involving 71 players. Needs included salary slashing, rebuilding or finding player to fill specific voids in order to contend. This appeared in last Sunday?s suburban (early) edition. When I went to look for a link to post, it was no longer there. Later game-related news and articles had replaced the article.


I?ll show the team, who they give up and who they get. But I have not typed the reasons he gave that were beneficial for each team.


Credit NYPost



New York Mets

Trade: Pedro Astacio, Jeromy Burnitz, Roger Cedeno and Aaron Heilman

Obtain: Hank Blalock, Ben Grieve and Denny Neagle

Atlanta Braves

Trade: Vinny Castilla

Obtain: Todd Jones

Philadelphia Phillies

Trade: Placido Polcano, Joe Roa and Chase Utley

Obtain: Luis Rivas and Paul Shuey

Florida Marlins

Trade: Andy Fox, Mike Redmond and Michael Tejera

Obtain: Terrence Long and John McDonald

Montreal Expos

Trade: Michael Barrett, Josh Karp, Fernando Tatis, Jose Vidro and $5 million

Obtain: Tony Alvarez, Mark Bellhorn, Kelvim Escobar, Shea Hillenbrand, Mike Redmond and Mike Wood

St Louis Cardinals

Trade: Garrett Stephenson and Fernando Vina

Obtain: Glendon Rusch

Houston Astros

Trade: Brian Hunter, Henri Stanley and Jose Vizcaino


Chicago Cubs

Trade: Mark Bellhorn, Juan Cruz, Kyle Farnsworth and Corey Patterson

Obtain: Carlos Beltran, Fernando Tatis and $5 million

Cincinnati Reds

Trade: Ruben Mateo and Gabe White

Obtain: Sidney Ponson

Milwaukee Brewers

Trade: Glendon Rusch and Eric Young

Obtain: Michael Barrett, Garret Stephenson, Michael Tejera and Bubba Trammell

Pittsburgh Pirates

Trade: Tony Alvarez, Tony Bautista and Scott Sauerbeck

Obtain: Carlos Lee and Ruben Mateo

Arizona Diamondbacks

Trade: Miguel Batista

Obtain: Jason Grimsley and Joe Roa

San Francisco

Trade: Marvin Bernard and Felix Rodriguez


Los Angeles

Trade: Joey Cora and Paul Shuey

Obtain: Mike Bynum, Brian Hunter and Jose Vizcaino

Colorado Rockies

Trade: Todd Jones and Denny Neagle

Obtain: Vinny Castilla, Roger Cedeno and Kevin Jarvis

San Diego Padres

Trade: Mike Bynum, Kevin Jarvis and Bubba Trammell

Obtain: Jeromy Burnitz And Kyle Farnsworth

New York Yankees

Trade: Sterling Hitchcock

Obtain: Melvin Mora and Gabe White

Boston Red Sox

Trade: Shea Hillenbrand

Obtain: Felix Rodriguez

Toronto Blue Jays

Trade: Kelvim Escobar and Orlando Hudson

Obtain: Juan Cruz and Ted Lilly

Baltimore Orioles

Trade: Melvin Mora, Sidney Ponson and Willis Roberts

Obtain: Juan Gonzalez

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Trade: Ben Grieve

Obtain: Jay Powell

Minnesota Twins

Trade: Bobby Kielty, Rick Reed and Luis Rivas

Obtain: Miguel Batista, Joey Cora and Fernando Vina

Chicago White Sox

Trade: Tony Graffanino, Carlos Lee and Kelly Wunsch

Obtain: Pedro Astacio, Jose Bautista and Josh Karp

Kansas City Royals

Trade: Carlos Beltran and Jason Grimsley

Obtain: Mark Ellis, Orlando Hudson, Corey Patterson, Brian Tallet and Chase Utley

Cleveland Indians

Trade: John McDonald and Brian Tallet

Obtain: Placido Polcano

Detroit Tigers

Trade: Shane Halter

Obtain: Tony Graffanino

Seattle Mariners

Trade: Mike Cameron

Obtain: Rick Reed and Kelly Wunsch

Oakland Athletics

Trade: Mark Ellis, Ramon Hernandez, Ted Lilly, Terrence Long and Mike Wood

Obtain: Marvin Bernard, Bobby Kielty and Jose Vidro

Anaheim Angels

Trade: Scott Schoenweis and Scot Shields

Obtain: Andy Fox and Scott Sauerbeck

Texas Rangers

Trade: Hank Blalock, Juan Gonzalez and Jay Powell

Obtain: Mike Cameron, Shane Halter, Aaron Heilman and Sterling Hitchcock

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...we dont really need remond or tejere. :mischief2

2 new guys?????? :rolleyes:

Sherman obviously had a little too much time on his hands. But to be honest, I would love to see one big deal like that at some point. Imagine the absolute cooperation that would be needed to pull something like that off. And that is the exact reason why we will never see such a big deal, not enough cooperation throughout the league.

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...put instead of trading Redman we trade Pierre and get Long because Long and Pierre both play CF

Only one problem with that.


Sherman proposed trading Redmond, not Redman.


And while your point is taken regarding Long and Pierre, your trade must include someone that fills a void for another team. Sherman saw Redmond and not Pierre as the player needed by another team.



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Thats trade will be good! We will get a power hitter and thats terrace long.I wish that trade would happen.....we dont really need remond or tejere. :mischief2

Long has a career avg of .270 and hit .240 last year..... some pop(14hr)......


if this was a real possibility id vomit at the thought of Long on our team

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