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XP or OS X

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I hate the Apple thing. It's a "cultural problem." More specifically, the turtlenecked, Steve Jobs, thumb-up-the-ass, liberal-with-too-much-money "cultural problem."


The ramifications? Well, ridiculously expensive hardware, for one. A CEO cast in the image of L. Ron Hubbard. A collective arrogance among Apple owners that "we know better," quite similar in fact to the tilting-at-windmills of Bose WaveRadio? owners (ha!). And maybe the worst? The worst? The advertising.


But here's a piece of arrogance that's indisputable. It doesn't even take a rant from me to point it out. The assclowns at Apple do a good job of it themselves. From ArsTechnica: Apple's disingenuous ratings system confuses, amuses. A snippet:


People who shop online are undoubtedly familiar with "user reviews" of products showing up on websites. ? But when you look at any of the products that Apple sells, you'll see something different: no reviewer comments are allowed, and the product is rated 5 out of 5 "Apples." Normally ratings will range from 0 to 5 stars. So what gives? Apple has this to say in their FAQ.


What is the Apple rating?

We give all Apple products a rating of "5 Apples" because we think they're great.


Earlier today it also read, "Why can't customers rate Apple products? Would you trust us to display less-than-perfect ratings on our own products? We didn't think so."


Here's a nice analogy. You go a grocery store and buy the generic, store-brand corn flakes. Once home, you find they're stale and taste awful. You take them back to the manager and demand a refund. "Sorry," he replies. "We don't allow complaints about our brand of cereal. We think it's great."


Then they wised up and removed the ratings for their own products. Fine. Great. Did it really take a collective outcry of blogosphere common sense for Apple to change their ratings and FAQ from:


1. "Would you trust us to display less-than-perfect ratings on our own products?" to

2. "We give all Apple products a rating of '5 Apples' because we think they're great." to

3. no ratings at all?




You know what I think is great, Apple? That even with all the f***ing hype you get on blogs (like this one!), you're still only 3% of the market. Put that in your iMac and smoke it, (Hand)Jobs.


Tuesday, December 28, 2004 at 01:40 AM : comments [16]

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I had one of those s***ty iMac's in H.S


Those were pretty bad, saying the least, the newer Mac's are better to use. Apple, Mac, is a lot easier to use then Windows, but the problem is most programs are made for Windows.

NOTE: Mac (Apple) systems are 'intelligent,' they will recognize alot of stuff. If you put a Windows program on it, sometimes it will work, guess it's just luck!

The NEW Mini Macs are awesome! :thumbup

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