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What President is most Underrated

Johnny Reb

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George Bush Sr.


Handled the situation in Iraq better than anyone could ask, foreign policy led to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union [much of the ground work he personally laid down as VP], and domestic policy established the economic success the Clinton administration took credit for.

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Kennedy is underrated for that?




I dont believe i have ever heard someone say that Kennedy is underrated.




Kennedy did nearly push us into nuclear war. For that alone he should not be held in such high esteem.



Then if you want to give Clinton a black eye for his moral inepitude, then Kennedy deserves an even blacker eye.

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George Washington, j/k...i think it is Clinton! like lowell said his private life doesnt count.He did a great job being a president.

I agree. But I grew up in that generation, so I might be a little biased. If Kennedy is underrated, than so is Teddy R.! Why?




Make your statement, but back it up with something of some type of substance please, or else your opinion means absolutely nothing.

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Grant had little to do with the development of railroads.



The only thing that came about during Grant's presidency was the transcontinental railroad. Railroads existed in the north and midwest long before Grant.



And it was Congress not Grant responsible for the building of the transcontinental railroad.




As far as T. Roosevelt, he also played a marginal role in the development of the automobile system.



It was not until Henry Ford made his Model T affordable to the everday person that automobiles began to take off.



And that was after T. Roosevelt left office.

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He was a great president. Just the Monica thing. That was stupid of him, but he handled evrything well and avoided lots of wars.

I wish they wouldn't get into the personal lives of presidents. Everyone has done stuff and there's no reason to bring them up.

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