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Darren Oliver/ Ramon Castro

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Ramon Castro will make the Mets as their backup catcher.



Also, I thought this was funny from Rotoworld....


Darren Oliver told the Rockies he would rather leave the team than pitch out of the bullpen.

General manager Dan O'Dowd is looking into trading Oliver, who is signed to a minor league contract. ''I did not feel it was right the last few days of spring training to make a decision on how I would pitch in relief,'' Oliver said. ''I thought I did everything I could to make the ballclub. I'm definitely thankful for the opportunity I had to pitch. Sometimes you have to look at it that you are pitching for 29 other teams.'' Big talk for a guy who had a 5.94 ERA last season.



Haha, will somebody tell Darren Oliver he is lucky to be getting paid to pitch. The guy is horrible and is only around because he is a lefty.

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Guest Moneyball

Rotoworld always has zingy comments.


I wouldn't call Oliver or Castro "hated". More like unwanted. Hate is for Red Sox, Yankee and Cub fans.

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Yeah, hate may be too strong for Oliver. More like hate his game. Now I hate his machismo.


As for Castro, his hatred was earned. Not only did he suck, but he all of a sudden got a toe injury? I mean, I don't think he even got hit in the foot by any pitch in that game when he came out and Mordy had to play his position.

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Guest Juanky

Well, Darren Oliver is a betty lefty pinch hitter than Lenny Harris.



Does every thread need to include a negative comment about Lenny?


I'm okay with that. As Lenny was my most hated Marlin of 2004.


Then you obviously didn't watch the games much.

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