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WrestleMania predictions


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With less than one week away from the grandest spectacle in sportz entertainment history (TM WWE), I thought we'd throw our predictions out there:


Triple H vs. Batista: I can't see Triple H losing the belt at WrestleMania two years in a row. I think Triple H will win here, but not clean.


Cena vs. JBL: One face wins, one heel wins. Cena wins here, but they won't be afraid to yank it off him and put it back on JBL if things don't work out.


Angle vs Michaels: Michaels wins, because, well, he's HBK.


'Taker vs. Orton: 'Taker wins, Orton takes a hiatus and reappears on Smackdown.


Big Show vs. Akebono: I don't see the point of this match. If Show wins, why would Akebono agree to this match? What would he have to gain? If Show loses, what does it do for him, being a major player on Smackdown? No contest.


Eddy v.s Rey: Don't really care, should be a fun match. But Eddy is bigger, so he'll win.


Christy v.s Trish: Trish SHOULD squash her in about a minute. But Christy will win, for some reason that eludes me.


Shelton vs. Edge vs. Christian vs. Kane vs. Benoit vs. Jericho: I could see four of these guys winning, so this is tough. I think it'll be either Edge or Benjamin....I'll go with Edge.

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I don't watch wrestling, but I was absolutely shocked when I saw a TV commercial for Wrestlemania and it said the thing costs $50 on PayPerView......... FIFTY DOLLARS!!!!!!!


That is outrageous.


It's four hours....usually they're 39.95 for 3 hours, I think. And this is the PPV usually EVERYONE gets. It's the Super Bowl of wrestling.

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Triple H vs. Batista: Batista


John Cena vs. JBL: JBL


Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels: HBK


Undertaker vs. Orton: Undertaker


Big Show vs. Akebono: Akebono


Eddy vs. Rey: Rey


Christy v.s Trish: Trish


Shelton vs. Edge vs. Christian vs. Kane vs. Benoit vs. Jericho: Edge


I won't be ordering it, but I will sure buy the DVD when it comes out.

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