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New Team To Rate!


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C Jason Varitek

1B Carlos Delgado

1B Jeff Bagwell

1B Rafael Palmeiro

2B Luis Castillo

3B Mike Lowell

SS Alex Gonzalez**

OF Hideki Matsui

OF Steve Finley

OF Lance Berkman*

OF Luis Gonzalez

OF Brian Giles

OF/1B Craig Wilson


SP Randy Johnson

SP Josh Beckett

SP Dontrelle Willis

SP David Wells

SP Mike Hampton

SP Randy Wolf

SP Ted Lilly*

RP Mariano Rivera

RP Jose Mesa


* = IR

** = I am taking a chance with Gonzalez, but I hope he won't let me down.

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Guest Juanky

Not much to say here, just that the team is loaded and the only real issue is depth pitching wise. Johnson and Beckett are the horses, but after that is hit or miss for the most part, same in the pen with Mariano carrying the load and you hoping for Mesa to continue his good performance from last season.


Not sure how many teams in the division, but if it's 8 or more you'll win it all.

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The hitting is great. Im not a big Castillo fan, fantasy-wise, but everything else is monster. And wait till Berkman gets back. Your pitching, aside from Unit and Beckett, is shaky. Youll get the good-bad start from all those guys all year long. Id probably try to add on another closer to Rivera-Mesa.

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