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Xbox 2 Game Launching On MTV


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Xbox 2 Game Launching On MTV

April 11, 2005


NEW YORK -- The revolution will be televised. Xbox 2 -- aka Codename Xenon, the next-generation gaming console from Microsoft -- will make its first appearance on a yet-untitled half-hour special that will be broadcast globally across all MTV stations.


The move bucks industry protocol to make major debuts at E3 in Los Angeles-the largest trade show in the gaming industry. "It doesn't make sense to unveil the product behind a closed door, at a trade-only event. We wanted to talk directly to the consumer first," said Peter Moore, corporate vp-worldwide marketing and publishing for Microsoft Xbox.


The MTV special, hosted by actor Elijah Wood on May 12, will feature a performance by rock band the Killers. Athletes and celebs will show off the console's new features. MTV will air teaser spots prior to the event and screening parties will be held in countries in which MTV airs.


Moore said the launch strategy is to not only "feed the core" gamers, but also to "captivate the masses." The unveiling on MTV is a "signal of the strong change in the way we do business." Themes of optimism and community will be stressed in the campaign, said Moore. McCann Erickson, New York, handles.


Ourcolony.net provides further insight. The viral Xbox 2 site, currently counting down the minutes to the MTV event, states: "Colony isn't about alternate reality gaming, it is reality. It's about the reality of your world, your friends, your life. Colony isn't political, it's global."


Launch partners will be global in nature as Xbox tries to combat the perception that it's an American brand, said Moore. The console is expected to launch this holiday season. Microsoft spent $14 million on media in 4Q 2001 to launch Xbox, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.


-- Kenneth Hein




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Guest Fritz

Although i'm not looking forward to the "MTV" part of it, it is cool that we will get to see what the system looks like without having to see some grainy E3 video from game sites.


Pretty much. It's cool that it's the day after my birthday so I can put the birdie into Santa's ear so I can get one around launch time.

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