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TNA Lockdown Card


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They're killing the novelty of the Steel Cage match. Also a good way to get half your roster injured. Overkill is the word.


I'm not trying to change your mind or anything (since you seem to be the resident TNA fan, the chances are slim I'd succeed), but this just reeks of minor-league- most people's reactions I've read have not been positive.

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You liked Destination X? Even with a JJ/DDP brawl-through-the-crowd main event? Even with a barely-able-to-walk Kevin Nash against washed-up Billy Gunn? Even with a non-sensical Monty Brown turn? Even with the boring Harris Brothers and the plodding Dustin Rhodes winning matches? Even with a masked man not even in the MATCH getting pinned to end the match?


You are a more easy to please fan than me, I guess :)

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The Ultimate X Match was awsome. Monty Brown's heel turn made sense. He did it because he was sick of new guys getting title shots when he deserved them, so he went heel to try and get rid of these new guys who keep taking his spot so that he can get the shot that he so rightly deserves. I've always been a Billy Gunn fan, so he didn't bother me. Besides it's nice to have something different than the WWE, which I'm getting bored with.

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