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RAW 4/11


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Aside from the Trish cheap shot on Christy (she doesn't know how to bounce off the ropes?), the women's tag match was decent....As long as we get some Orton injury updates, everything will be ok. Don't they only show surgery footage of faces (and Triple H)? Why would they want to make us sympathize with Orton?....Since the title win- Triple H interviews: 2; Batista interviews: 0....Nice continuity with Hurricane and Rosey coming out again....


I guess you could make a case for Triple H "burying" Hurricane and Rosey, but they were pretty much buried before that match....Has ANYONE missed Chris Master since he was last on RAW?....The Daivari/Shawn segment was interesting- perhaps a Shawn/Hassan match at the PPV?....I'm guessing that Shelton was supposed to be the face there, but the crowd was behind Jericho....Michaels/Hogan team? That could be interesting....Gotta be honest, didn't see much of the Benoit/Christian match. I just found Edge really annoying on commentary....I felt like it was the Olympics watching Batista's first "big promo", i.e. losing points for slipping up once.

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