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Pitching Today 3/13

Flag Man

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Willis is ready (and ready for a great year.) Having been spoiled by recent complete games, I don't anticipate another one this afternoon.

But, I take great solace in believing that our Bull-Pen is fresh and ready.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of confidence in Jack's use of the Bull-Pen.

Maybe now that he has fresher horses, he'll use them better.

I'm hoping Wiley will have a strong say in how to use them.

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Geez Chin I think he's done a pretty fair job with the pen.


Jones and Mecir have really excelled, Alfonseca threw one bad pitch, he's short a guy in Riedling, the only thing you can say is that he hasn't gotten Mota enough work but that been more a function of game situations than anything else.


I'm curious what your perception is of the pen's work that led you to make those comments?

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