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Ordonez sent home for tests


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Tigers' Ordonez sent home for tests?

Magglio Ordo?ez - OF - DET?

Magglio Ordonez was sent back to Detroit from Minnesota today due to recurring symptoms from a viral infection.

''He felt fine after the game yesterday, but this morning he called and said he was sick,'' GM Dave Dombrowski said. Ordonez went 0-for-4 while playing field against the Twins yesterday. ''He woke up and he was sore so we decided to send him back to Detroit for some more tests,'' manager Alan Trammell said. ''His stomach hurt and we just want to make sure we take care of it.'' Marcus Thames is filling in for Ordonez in right field. Apr. 13 - 7:48 pm et





Now, I'm not going to flame Ordonez here like i'm sure you expect, but this is really weird. He's only played in a few games and has gone 0 for 10 I believe, and this "viral infection" keeps coming up. Dude was tough as nails for us for several years, never missed more than 10 or 12 games until last year, and now he's missed almost a week of games (at least) with a viral infection?


I find it just very odd, but maybe it's just me.

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