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Delgado on Jim Rome is Burning on ESPN

Teal Shadow

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About Brawl

-Thinks fan at Fenway should have been more than Just kicked out.

-Feels we should be more proactive than reactive to such situations.


About move

-Says he has "mostly" settled in in FL.

-"Time to go play baseball"

-"Gonna try and keep it simple....pay attention...see what kind of patterns they use..."

-"Push come to shove, see the ball, hit the ball"


About NL pitching being more agressive

-They don't really come after him to try and hit him w/ pitches, in the NL, "its a lie."


About Mets trying to get him

-"Minya didn't rub me the wrong way. He speaks spanish, I speak spanish". It was based on business, "it had nothing to do with spanish, it had nothing to do with culture."


About team

-"We got a very talented, young pitching rotation."

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I'm glad Jim Rome asked those brilliant questions. Those were ones that I was really dying to know about! We sure couldn't have gotten that from 500 different newspaper writers. He's so smart! There are lots of good reasons why he has his own show! I'm not mystified at all why anyone listens to him!


I am ooooout.



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