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does anybody know? =)

Lil Miz Cabrera 24

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heyy..i missed miguel cabreras last signing, does anybody know when his next signing is or were i can find out? thanx :thumbup


There aren't any scheduled upcoming signings for any Marlins players, but when there is i'm usually the first one to make a thread with all the info.


You probably won't see another Cabrera signing until at least the offseason.

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oki..thanx.. how do u usually find out aout them??



Signings Hotline (although you need a deluxe membership to get all the good info) and also i'm on the mailing list of most of the memorabilia shops in South Florida and they usually send out a post card a month before a signing letting everyone know.


The only upcoming Marlins related signings are a few Jack McKeon book signings in May.

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