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Time to step up


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I think we can all agree this team is in a serious "funk" and the only reason we aren't 4 or 5 games under .500 at this point is because of our starting pitching. The bats have been absolutely horrendous -- two or three explosions doesn't change that. Lowell, Castillo, Cabrera, even Encarnacion, Delgado, etc. -- no one is innocent. this team has had countless chances to drive in runs and they just haven't been producing. Getting one-hit by Aaron Heilman of all people is just inexcusable.


That being said -- the offense isnt a very big concern. the Lowells, Delgado's, Cabrera's are superstars and will eventually get their HRs and RBI's just like they do every year. I think our biggest problem is our bullpen. I know their stats aren't very bad at all and todays game was really the only bump in the road they've had -- but every single guy in our bullpen gives up too many hits for my liking. Todd Jones is terrible -- ive said that before and many of you will begin to notice it too. Bump is Bump, Perisho is Perisho, Alfonseca's velocity seems to be down somewhat and even at full-strength he's a guy who gives up his fair-share of hits. Mota, too, as a closer is a guy who relies on keeping hitters off balance. Mecir is the only guy who seems to be able to produce the K and even then -- I'm worried once he goes through lineups for a second and third time -- they will adjust to his screwball and pound him. Hopefully Spooneybarger's rehab goes well and he comes in and gives a huge Chad Fox-esque lift . We need someone who can come in to tight spots and get us out of jams and personally I don't see that in this group.


just my $.02

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