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Where do Luis and Sea Bass rank all time...


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...in doubleplays turned? What is the record?


I was talking with a friend the other day and he said Izturs and Cora were better and I said they couldn't hold Luis and Sea Bass' jock strap... I'm thinking we have the best DP combo in recent history.



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Guest Fritz

Cora and Izturis were a pretty sick combo when they were together.


Blah, Id rather have our 2.


So would I, but I Cora-Izturis are certainly better than the "can't hold Sea Bass and Luis' jockstrap".

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This question came up the other day, and I looked for five hours but couldn't find it online. I think it may be in the Elias Sports Bureau's yearly almanac. All the DP stats online were for an individual fielder rather than a combo. Gut feeling though is that it's either Grote-Mazeroski who set records for DPs turned or Trammell-Whitaker who played together longer than any other combo.

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