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Flight 327


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Read it all - facinating.




The call came a little over a month ago, on my cellular phone -- which is not listed. It went like this:


"Hello Annie, this is [name withheld, and name withheld, and name withheld and name withheld]. We're from the Department of Homeland Security."




"We'd like to set up a time to talk with you."


"Okay, now is good."


"Actually, we'd prefer to come to your house. How is March 15?"


"Not so great. That's three days before I'm due to have a baby?"


They came anyway. To my house in Los Angeles. By plane from Chicago.




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To summarize from this other article I read:


Annie Jacobsen documented Northwest flight 327 on June 29th very well. It was a flight from Detroit to LA that had 14 ?Middle Eastern? men wandering about the cabin in unison at different times, congregating in groups at the forward and rear bathrooms and basically terrorizing the people on board with their actions. Fortunately, the flight landed safely and the men turned out to be Syrian Nationals who were musicians.


These musicians were met by a gaggle of law enforcement agents who questioned them, spent ?almost two? hours with them, took down their information and then released them.


Now--according to Scott Weinberger the entire group was in America with expired visas. Weinberger is an investigative reporter from WNBC and appeared on the MSNBC program Scarborough Country.



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