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top pitching and hitting prospects


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Year: Hitter/ Pitcher

2005: Joe Mauer/ Felix Hernandez

2004: Joe Mauer/ Edwin Jackson

2003: Mark Teixeira/ Jesse Foppert

2002: Hank Blalock/ Josh Beckett

2001: Josh Hamilton/ Josh Beckett

2000: Pat Burrell/ Rick Ankiel

1999: J.D. Drew/ Rick Ankiel

1998: Ben Grieve/ Kerry Wood

1997: Andruw Jones/ Kerry Wood

1996: Andruw Jones/ Paul Wilson

1995: Alex Rodriguez/ Armando Benitez

1994: Cliff Floyd/ James Baldwin

1993: Chipper Jones/ Brien Taylor

1992: Chipper Jones/ Brien Taylor

1991: Andujar Cedeno/ Todd Van Poppel

1990: John Olerud/ Steve Avery

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I will never understand the love fest with Joe Mauer.



All-American boy who was a top QB who turned down FSU and plays a rare position and #1 pick (and drafted by local team).


Thats all I have and can think of because I would not say he is the #1 prospect.

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1993: Chipper Jones/ Brien Taylor


taylor was in h.s. but he got burned out in the minors


didn't taylor burn out because of injuries?


yeah he got in a bar room fight and messed up his arm


i saw him pitch in like the mid to late 90s with the Yankees Low-A club and it was sad. he was all over the place and just looked awful.

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