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Question for the girls :)


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Has anyone ever relaxed their hair?

My hair is kinda wavy and I am thinking about getting it relaxed/straightened for my trip. I have a really good flat iron but I dont want to be flat ironing my hair every morning for 1 hour :shrugs


Does anyone know if this works or if this is a waste of money?




Thanks :)

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I'm assuming you mean a chemical relaxer...


It depends on your hair's texture. My hair is really thick and wavy/nappy, so I relax my hair on a regular basis. I still need to use a flat iron after I wash it if I want it bone straight.


It makes your hair more susceptible to damage (especially if you color your hair as well), and you can't undo it unless you grow it out...so be certain it's what you want before you do it.

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