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Day after Christmas...

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Off-day musing...


12/26 you discover you have an expensive gift that you don't seem to need.

Do you return it? Put it in the closet? Save it in case next year isn't as good?


Marlins have Conine that they can't use right now and some blossoming minor leaguers chomping on the bit.


Jack says Niner is coping well mentally with his Bench duty. But, this is a veteran warrior who responds best to daily playing. IMO, Niner will be hard-pressed to produce off-the-bench. So far, he is still a defensive asset... but I wonder what the lack of playing may do to his defensive prowess.


That said, there is no room for significant playing time for him. And none on the near horizon.


But, what if one of the other "gifts" breaks? (e.g. Cabs, Enc, Carlos, Mikey, etc.)


Best we not now go to the gift exchange department. Count our FO blessings. It's a long season.

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Season is still young and it remains to be seen if Enc can continue to produce the way he is now. Conine for us is like what Willy Mo Pena is to the Reds.



I'll take Willy Mo over Conine anyday.


he wasnt comparing the players, just the situation :banghead

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