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RAW 4/25


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Good opening segment, but I'm afraid WWE is going to pay in the long run for making Batista into a comedy character. Good crowd response to Batista though....Jericho/Grenier was nothing, and it didn'te help that Grenier was halfway onto his back before Jericho reached for his legs to trip him up for the Walls....The backstage segments with Christian were awesome....A classic Hogan interview, complete with Mean Gene. I love it. I'm guessing that segment was taped in America, otherwise I'd be pissed if I were the England fans that Hogan came all that way and didn't even make an appearance in the arena....


William Regal is writing a book? Who next, Val Venis? Seriously though, I bet there are some good, WWE approved stories in there....Good to see the "TWO!!!" tradition carrying overseas....The non-title tag match was decent, and the right guys went over....Hey, they've managed to make Viscera entertaining....Nice to see Val Venis getting some work. I do you perform in a gimmick like that where you get no character advancement and the character, for all intents and purposes, petered out 5 years ago?....


You know what's "embarrassing"? Being Coach's publicist....Nice, random "Batista Fears Headbanger Mosh" sign....Sure sounded like Christian had his supporters during the main event. The match itself made Christian look pretty weak, it seemed....Decent episode of RAW, certainly helped by the Christian and Viscera segments as well as the hot crowd.

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