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MVP Baseball 2005 Journal

-Miami Fan-

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Yeah so I was bored and thought I'd do this. I'm gonna post notes and stuff from my season games in MVP Baseball 2005. Hopefully, it'll be interesting enough that you'll read.(BTW, I play these games, I don't simulate them.


Date: April 18

Game: Marlins (7-5) vs. Nationals (5-8)

Opponent: @ Washington (RFK)

Pitching Matchup: Burnett @ (2-0) vs. Day (0-1)


Notes: Both pitchers started off well into the third when the Marlins threatened. We put together 3 hits in a row, all of them bloop singles right to the outfielders. 1 out and Juan Encarnacion comes to the plate and takes the first pitch swinging and flies out to shallow right center field. Runners don't advance. Conine is then up and bloops out to the shortstop and the threat is ended. Marlins leave 'em loaded.


Still scoreless to the 6th inning. AJ Burnett doubles with one out. Then Juan Pierre doubles and brings Burnett in. 1-0 Fish. Cabrera jacks a homer to left! 3-0, Marlins. Lowell nails it...gone! 4-0. Encarnacion hits it out to left center. 5-0. Lo Duca flies out. Conine hits it deep and gone! 6-0 Marlins!!! Gonzalez grounds out to end the 6th. Back-to-back-to-back jacks for the Marlins put them up 6-0.


Burnett gives up a homer in the 6th and then the Nationals get a double, but Burnett gets the next batter to ground out to end the threat. No scoring in the seventh inning. Eight inning: The Nationals get to the normally secure, John Reidling, middle relief man for the Fish. 2 runs come in for the Nationals and they make it 6-3.


Marlins go silent in the 9th and then after allowing a 1 out hit, Mota shuts the Nationals down the 9th. Burnett gets the win. Day with the loss an Mota gets the save, his 6th of the season in 8 tries.


Marlins back in the win column after their attempt at a weekend sweep of the Mets fails in Game 3 on Sunday. Tomorrow Leiter will be up for the Fish on the mound.


Hope you enjoyed today's game.

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Date: April 19

Game: Marlins (8-5) vs. Nationals (5-9)

Opponent: @ Washington (RFK)

Pitching Matchup: Leiter (2-0) vs. Ohka (0-1)


1st Inning: The Marlins started things off right off the bat in the top of the first. Pierre gets to first on an infield single. Then, Miguel Cabrera doubles and Pierre comes in to score. 1-0 Marlins. Mike Lowell grounds out and Cabrera andvances to third. Lo Duca pops out to the pitcher. 2 out. Juan Encarnacion singles to center field and Cabrera scores. 2-0, Fish. Conine ends the inning with a fly out to left.


4th Inning: Easley starts it off with a single to right. Gonzalez K's. Leiter sac bunts and Easley advances to second. 2 out. JP knocks Easley in with an RBI double to right field. 3-0 Marlins. Cabrera singles to right and Pierre races in from second to score. 4-0! Lowell grounds out to tend the threat.


Leiter cruised through the first 5 innings without giving up a hit, but was Guillen singled to center in the 6th. More cruise control for Leiter until the 9th. Runners on the corners with 0 outs. Leiter gets Wilkerson to ground into a a 4-6-3 double play. Runner stays at third. The next batter bloop singled to blow the shutout. 4-1, Marlins. Then, Leiter struck out Schneider to end the game.


Postgame Notes:

Leiter gets the CG win and improves to 3-0 on the year with a 3.00 ERA. He allowed 1 run on 5 hits and had 6 K's. Ohka is charged with the loss and falls to 0-2. The Marlins failed to cash in on many good opporunities. Only 4 runs on 14 hits. Lots of runners left on base. In any case, the Fish improve to 9-5 and will have Valdez (1-0) on the mound tomorrow versus the Mets.


Please post comments/reactions.

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